Welcome to our friendly community! Come visit the Barrow County Chamber of Commerce in the historic railroad depot, downtown Winder and receive a welcome packet to help you get involved with your new hometown.

Helpful Hints for New Residents!

Applying For a Georgia License From Out of State New Georgia residents must apply for a Georgia driver’s license within 30 days. All other licenses must be surrendered before issuance of a Georgia license. Persons 18 or over who surrender a valid out of state license will be required to successfully pass an eye examination.

chamber outdoor picIf you surrender an expired, out of state license, or if you are under the age of 18, you must successfully pass an eye examination, road rules test, road signs test and a driving test.

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Applicant must furnish proof that he/she resides in Georgia and must provide a valid Georgia residence address.

The following items are acceptable:

      o Utility bill with valid Georgia residence address;
      o Bank statement with valid Georgia residence address;
      o Rental contracts and/or receipts with valid Georgia residence address;
      o Employer verification;
      o Georgia license issued to parent, guardian, or spouse.
    • Applicant must be 16 years old for Classes D and M: 18 years old for Classes A, B, and C; 15 years old for Class C instructional permit.
    • Applicant must surrender previous driver’s licenses, identification cards, and instructional permits to the Examiner.
    • First time applicants for a Georgia license or permit must show some acceptable form of personal identification that includes full name, month, day and year of birth. After verification of full name and date of birth, documents will be returned immediately to the licensee.

The following items are acceptable but must be Original or a Certified Copy:

        o Original birth certificate State-issued State Vital Statistics (Hospital birth certificates are not acceptable).
        o Certified copy of birth certificate (Issued by Vital Statistics with affixed seal)
        o Certificate of birth registration
        o Certified copy of court records (adoption, name changes or sex changes.)

Auto Tags:

      If relocating from out of state, you are required to obtain a Georgia vehicle tag from the Barrow County Tax Commissioner’s office within 30 days after establishing residency. Auto registration, proof of insurance and title or lien holder must be presented.
      Moving from another county in Georgia requires only proof of your Barrow County address. For more information call: 770/307-3106

County Taxes:

        Homestead exemption may be filed between January 2nd and March 1st at the Tax Commissioner’s office.

For more information call: 770/307-3106 

State/County Taxes:

      Georgia taxes individual income on a graduate scale with employers’ withholding tax as a payroll deduction.
      Georgia sales tax is four percent (4%) of the sales price on personal property.
      County tax is three percent (3%) of the sales price on personal property.

Voter Registration:

      Residents of Barrow County must be at least 17 ½ years of age to register and 18 years of age to vote. Registration is required 30 days prior to an election.
      For local registration sites and voting information, call the Voter Registration Office at 770/307-3110.


      Depending on where you are located in Barrow County, your power supplier will be either Georgia Power Company or Jackson EMC.
      Georgia Power Company – 888/660-5890
      Jackson EMC – 706/367-5281

Water/Sewer/Gas/Garbage Pick up contact your City Hall:

      Auburn City Hall – 770/963-4002
      Bethlehem City Hall – 770/867-0702
      Braselton City Hall – 706/654-3915
      Carl City Hall – 770/867-1308
      Winder City Hall – 770/867-3106
      Statham City Hall – 770/725-5455
      (Outside City Limits – contact Barrow County – 770/307-3014)

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Telephone Services:

      Depending on where you are located in Barrow County either Windstream or AT&T Telecommunications will serve you.
      Windstream – 800/501-1754
      AT&T  – 770/780-2355