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Our mission in the Barrow County School System is “Boldly Committed to Student Success”. We take this very seriously. We are continuously challenging our entire staff to be Barrow BOLD in moving teaching and learning forward in this district. I am firmly convinced that there is no group of people on the planet more committed to seeing students succeed in a warm and caring school environment. The staff and leadership of the Barrow County School District, your school district, is up to the challenge! My challenge to our parents and community as we move ever forward is this: Be Barrow BOLD for your children and your school system. Support their teachers and their schools. Without the support of our community our schools cannot be as effective as we need to be. Likewise, without our schools our community cannot thrive and reach its full potential. Please never hesitate to provide us with vital constructive feedback and ideas. We may not always be perfect, but we have each promised this community to do our level best to provide our students with outstanding academic and school programs to help them grow into the best citizens and people they can be.


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The Sims Academy of Innovation and Technology is the newest in a network of College & Career Academies in Georgia that will serve as an Educational Workforce Development campus in Barrow County


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